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Automated notifications for supplier licence updates

Why waste time periodically verifying licences when Phanero can automatically notify you when they are updated?

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How it works



Sign Up and Locate Suppliers

Sign up to Phanero and search for each of your suppliers through our comprehensive search feature. Simply click the star icon beside their name to add to to your "My Suppliers" list


View Licence Details and Change History

You can search and view all suppliers listed within the Eudra (expansion coming soon). You are also able to see a change history for each supplier, showing what details have been updated and when this was done


Receive Notifications

Once a supplier has been added to your "My Suppliers" list, you will automatically receive notification of any licence changes. No more periodic verification checks!

What problems does it solve?

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Reduces risk that a supplier does not communicate changes to their licence, or provides incorrect information

Fulfils the compliance requirement to periodically verify supplier licences, saving time and resources

Alerts you to non-compliance events associated with your suppliers, ensuring the information is discovered immediately instead of only during periodic review

Makes RP handover, to new or existing organisational RPs, much easier to follow. Multiple RPs in the same organisation can share a "My Suppliers" list to ensure visibility

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